Meet the dogs of Applied Environment & Safety

Allison August 16, 2023

The team at Applied Environment & Safety includes four very important members who provide all day support to our ‘human’ team, well…….. when they’re not snoozing.

Lottie, Zeena, Milly and Peanut are the canine companions to our team members Melanie, Lachlan and Allison.

Lottie the Frenchie and Zeena the Frug (Frenchie x Pug) love playing frisbee, swimming in the river and snoozing together.

Milly the Australian Shepherd loves gardening, playing at the beach and herding sheep.

Peanut the Kelpie Cross loves playing with Turtle (her stuffed toy), snoozing in the sun and snacks.

They’re usually close by whilst we’re working from home and are eagerly waiting for us to return home safely when we’re working away on project sites.