Climate Active

Working Towards Carbon Neutral

Melanie Dixon December 08, 2020

Applied Environment & Safety have recently extended our ‘lead by example’ approach by implementing the first steps towards becoming a carbon neutral business. 

To formalise this carbon neutral goal, Applied Environment & Safety have registered with Climate Active Australia. Climate Active certifies businesses and organisations committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions. 

Currently, we are analysing our emission data to establish a carbon inventory and calculate our total net CO2 output for 2020. This carbon inventory and total net emissions data will be used to set a baseline year to monitor ongoing emissions. This will also be used to identify opportunities for reducing emissions and secure carbon offsets to achieve net zero emissions.

Once our carbon inventory and total net emissions have been calculated, the data will be independently reviewed and verified by a registered consultant. Following this review, we will seek opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions and offset any remaining emissions. We will then have made the change to carbon neutral.

This process will be certified through the Climate Active program. Climate Active certification is awarded to Australian businesses that have met rigorous requirements to achieve net zero carbon emissions. This requires a business to credibly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets.

For more information on Climate Active Australia and their initiatives visit: Climate Active Australia

While we are a small business with relatively low carbon emissions, we believe in being responsible for our role in protecting the climate and implementing sustainable business practices. 

Stay tuned for updates on our progress towards becoming a certified carbon neutral business.