Construction Environment Management Plan

Construction Environment Management Plan & Inspections – Road Embankment Stabilisation

Melanie Dixon August 18, 2021

Applied Environment & Safety provided construction environment management plan and inspection support to PCA Ground Engineering during the road embankment stabilisation project at Sunrise Beach, Noosa, Queensland. Geotechnical investigations detected evidence of slope instability within the parkland adjacent to the road. This was due to the loose sandy material and the steep topography of the site. Works were required to stabilise the bank and prevent damage to the road.

The scope of the project required stabilisation of the slope with minimal impact to the existing vegetated slope and surrounding areas. The works are vital to maintaining the long-term serviceability of the road and drainage infrastructure at this location. The works included:

– Slope stabilisation

– Revegetation following stabilisation

– Repairs to the stormwater culvert

Our role on this project was to provide technical environmental support. This included the development of a construction Environment Management Plan; Sediment and Erosion Control Plan; and Rehabilitation Plan. Then during construction, we undertook inspections of the works to ensure compliance with the controls for each of the environmental aspects. The environmental aspects of the project included:

– Erosion and sediment control

– Biosecurity management 

– Waste management

– Rehabilitation

We believe in using our expertise and knowledge to add value and improve project outcomes for our clients. We use our extensive construction project knowledge to identify environmental risks and provide practical solutions.

Environmental controls were effectively implemented by PCA Ground Engineering during this project. We believe in working closely with our clients to build supportive relationships. By working together, we have been able to ensure environmental risks were mitigated during this project.