ecoBiz 1 Star Partnership Recognition

September 19, 2016

As part of the building the business values of Applied Eco Solutions, owner Melanie Dixon has been participating in CCIQ’s ecoBiz program.

This Queensland Government initiative encourages business to track their energy, water and waste and identify opportunities for improvement. As stated on the website, “CCIQ ecoBiz is a fully-subsidised program that helps businesses save thousands of dollars across their power, water and waste bills. Through ecoBiz, businesses put sustainable ideas into practice.”

Melanie’s was keen to support this initiative as “This is a great program that should be supported by all Queensland businesses”. She wanted to ensure that the environmental consulting business that she is building is based on sustainable and ethical principles that are also the basis of her business ethics.

After participating in the ecoBiz program for approximately 18 months, Applied Eco Solutions has gain 1 Star Partnership. This is based on a 10% reduction in per-production-unit metrics for energy use.

Implementing Energy Savings

Applied Eco Solutions saved 17.4% in energy over the past year. The following practices have been implemented by the company to save on energy use:

  • Switching off unused appliances
  • Good solar orientation of the home office providing plenty of natural light
  • Changing the air conditioning system to spilt system to allow greater control of temperatures in individual rooms
  • Installation of solar panels

“So while production from our company has increased, energy consumption has remained relatively steady resulting in a production unit saving”.

As part of the ecoBiz program, Applied Eco Solutions will commence tracking of water use and waste production to continue to look for opportunities to improve efficiency.