Green Christmas Ideas

December 01, 2016

It is the Festive Season

It is the time of the year for sharing time with family and friends, enjoying good food and drink, and exchanging gifts. During the festival season, there are also many great opportunities to make greener choices.

My Tips for a Green Christmas (and I don’t mean playing cricket on the back lawn under the sprinklers!)

  • Get creative: Not only will this add a personal touch to your Christmas, use this time to spend fun and creative time with your family, friends or work mates.

Create your own decorations: recycle packaging and other materials, pull out your old decorations, reuse paper and cards and turn these into something new.

Use natural decor: Use fruit, nuts, plants or tree branches to add a splash of colour around your house.

Make gifts: Bake an edible gift, make your own card, gift tags or paper out of recycled materials.

  • Keep everything in perspective: Make sure you don’t over commit, over spend and over cater during the festive season.

Buy practical gifts that will be appreciated. Maybe a gift doesn’t have to be something material, what about an experience or a “gift voucher” to spend time doing an activity together.

Leave time to relax and enjoy spending time with those most important to you.

  • Give a gift that will keep on giving: Don’t forget those less fortunate than us at this time of the year.

Give a donation to a charity, volunteer for a community activity or drop off a small treat to someone that has helped you during the year. Then put a reminder card under your Christmas tree to remind yourself of your special gesture.

Most of all enjoy and relax during your time off.

Enjoy your green Christmas everyone!