Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program

Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program

Nicolaas Kerkmeester June 16, 2022

Biz to Net Zero by CCIQ ecoBiz Leader’s Forum

Earlier in the month, Applied Environment & Safety was invited to present as a showcase local business at the Biz to Net Zero business breakfast in Noosa, a net zero industry and innovation program.


The event was coordinated by CCIQ ecoBiz Leader’s Forum, Noosa Shire Council, and local business associations. More than 100 local business people keen to learn about how to achieve carbon neutrality in their business or to start the journey, attended this event.

The purpose of this event was to engage the local business community in practical carbon reduction and offset solutions to support them through the economic transition to a zero-carbon future, as a proactive response to climate change. The event was aimed to provide clarity around the benefits to business of reducing emissions, investing in offsets and promoting themselves as carbon neutral in the context of net zero. 


Also a focus of the event was celebrating ecoBiz Partners by recognising and awarding them with Partnership Certificates. Applied Environment & Safety was awarded 3-Star Partnership again this year. We have been active participants in the ecoBiz program and a recognised Star Partner for over five years. Through this program, we have been implementing sustainable business practices based on reducing energy and water use, and waste minimisation. 

Melanie Dixon, Director of Applied Environment & Safety, was a guest speaker at the event. Melanie spoke about when starting her business over eight years ago it was important to her that the company led by example. So she reached out to ecoBiz and together we have been implementing sustainable business practices since 2015. Then in 2020, we started the process to become carbon neutral.

So What is Next?

Applied Environment & Safety have just set our carbon emissions reduction strategy for the next five years which includes changing to electric vehicles and supporting other carbon neutral businesses. See below.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Strategy 2022 - 2026 | Applied Environment & Safety

We are working on building our local client base as well as encouraging our clients to allow us to provide remote support. These both assist in reducing our travel and associated energy use. We are also looking for further opportunities to support our local community and environment through volunteering. Melanie has just become a WaterWatch volunteer, participating in monthly water sampling, as part of Noosa Integrated Catchment Association.

We really believe that every person and every business can make a difference. You don’t need to be a big organisation, or spend a lot of money, there are sustainable options, sustainable choices for everyone and every business.

If you need some advice about your carbon neural journey feel free to contact us with your questions and queries.