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Opportunities for Improvement

Melanie Dixon February 10, 2020

Applied Environment & Safety was recently engaged to assist a new client improve their current practices. Following several changes in ownership and loss of key staff, environmental management practices were lagging at this company.

Following a recent inspection from the Department of Environment and Heritage, and a potential fine greater than $1,000,000, this company needed assistance.

After an onsite meeting and site inspection, the initial steps to improve current practices were suggested.

Firstly, assisting the client close out actions and respond to the Department was initiated. Building good communications between the client and Department was the first action to be implemented.

Then the Environmental Management Plan was updated to the requirements of the environmental approval. A simple plan which can be implemented by operational staff.

Additional engineering controls to prevent pollution are being designed and constructed.

Support and commitment from upper management will need to be addressed. Further administrative controls are required including staff training and awareness.

However, starting with the critical environmental requirements and implementing effective measures is the first step in improvement. A start that we have been happy to be able to provide assistance.