Professional and Practical Services Key to Success

Melanie Dixon February 10, 2020

Another project successfully completed. The “Very professional and practical support” provided by Applied Environment & Safety as described by the Project Manager was part of the success of the project.

For the past six months, Melanie Dixon Principal Consultant at Applied Environment & Safety has been providing environmental support for a transmission line refurbishment project in New South Wales.

To commence the project, a Construction Environmental Management Plan was developed to link the requirements of the environmental approval to the operations. Site Based Management Plans were developed with site specific details and controls.

The Project Manager stated that “Being able to resolve TransGrid’s requirements in regards to environmental requirements” was the greatest benefit that Melanie provided to the project.

This included onsite support during critical points of the project, such as during operations within National Parks or WaterNSW areas. During other times, remote environmental support was provided. This provided flexibility and cost effectiveness as noted by the Project Manager.

Applied Environment & Safety’s professional and practical services ensured positive relationships with the client and compliance with environmental requirements.