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Applied Environment & Safety is led by Melanie Dixon, Director and Principal Consultant. Melanie has always enjoyed the outdoors. Loved time spent on her parent’s farm, walks along the beach and camping in the bush. This passion for her natural surroundings would lead her to studying environmental management at University.

Following on from study and working in various roles across different industries, Melanie realised the area that interested her most was planning and implementing practical environmental and safety management. And so Applied Environment & Safety was started. A company to provide practical, independent environmental and safety consulting solutions.

Today, many years on, our team and skillset continues to grow along with the opportunity to provide practical support to many more clients across a broad range of industries.

Our People

Melanie Dixon

Director and Principal Consultant

Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development) with Honours

Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety (Distinction)

Diploma of Quality Auditing

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Melanie has over 15 years’ experience across various industries in environmental and safety management roles. She has broad technical and regulatory knowledge as well as strong communication and negotiation skills.

Her practical approach to project delivery has developed from onsite experience. She has a proven track record of successful project delivery through effective stakeholder engagement and risk management.

In her current role, Melanie has supported clients in the delivery of environmental and stakeholder planning and approvals through to document development and implementation. She supports and reduces risks for clients through her has extensive auditing and compliance experience. Melanie has also been providing stakeholder and landholder engagement and liaison support for construction projects.

Allison Brunott

Senior Environmental Consultant

Bachelor of Environmental Science

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Allison completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science in 2007 and has 15 years’ experience working in environment and sustainability roles. She has worked throughout Australia in transport, power and renewables, water, and mining sectors across project planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Allison has diverse interests in compliance management and reporting, construction environmental management, infrastructure sustainability, environmental planning and approvals, and stakeholder management. Allison combines her extensive technical environmental knowledge with a strong understanding of legislation and policy to support project delivery that minimises impacts and provides benefits to the surrounding communities and environment.

In her current role, Allison is providing Applied Environment & Safety with senior environmental planning, compliance and management support for our upcoming power and renewables, transport and mining projects.

Lachlan Peace

Environmental Consultant

Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) (Distinction)

Commenced Masters of Environment

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A lifelong fascination with the natural world inspired Lachlan to pursue a career in environment management. Lachlan completed a Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) with a Distinction in 2018 and he has commenced a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne.

Lachlan interest in climate change adaptation, sustainable land management, conservation and regeneration lead him to taking courses at universities in Australia, Austria and Denmark. Through this experience, he was able to explore a broad spectrum of academic research in environmental sciences, which has provided him with an interdisciplinary and global understanding of these fields. Experiencing alternative systems to environmental management spurred his interest in the field, driving him to undertake further coursework and a career in environmental management.

Over the past five years he has consolidated his practical knowledge through various field roles in environmental management, monitoring and regeneration. In his current role at Applied Environment and Safety, Lachlan is providing onsite environmental management planning and implementation support for construction projects.

Claire Taylor

Environmental Consultant

Master of Science (Freshwater Ecology) (Honours)

Bachelor of Science

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Claire has broad interests and field-based experience in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Claire has previously worked in both the public and private sector in many aspects of environmental management, including stakeholder engagement, risk assessment, data management, report writing, public communications, policy development and project management of environmental incidents.

She has recently completed a role as the Environmental Advisor for a large-scale transmission line construction project in South Australia. As the client representative, she was responsible for ongoing compliance, reporting, and management of all environmental and cultural heritage aspects of the project.

In her current role, Claire will be providing onsite environmental management and compliance support for our power, transmission, and transport projects.


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Our Vision

Our vision as independent environmental and safety consultants is to use our expertise and knowledge to add value and improve outcomes for our clients. This means providing practical services that specifically fit the needs of our clients.

We believe in the value of our consulting services and are passionate about achieving positive outcomes for our project partners. Our team focuses on the practical aspects of environmental and safety planning, implementation and compliance. Using our expertise, we achieve our clients desired outcomes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Leading by Example

We believe in leading by example and promoting environmental sustainability. This is demonstrated through our sustainability commitments within our business as well as seeking continuous improvement for our clients.

In July 2021,  we were certified as a carbon neutral organisation. Implementing the process of becoming a carbon neutral organisation and gaining Climate Active certification demonstrates our commitment to environmentally sustainable outcomes. This means that our clients can be confident that they are working with an organisation dedicated to sustainability and best practice.

We have also been participating in the CCIQ ecoBiz program for over five years. ecoBiz is a Queensland Government funded program that assists businesses in reducing their energy and water use, and production of waste. We have implemented energy, water and waste initiatives into our business that has been awarded three star partnership by ecoBiz.

Another goal of our business is to shift towards zero waste. We have embraced the implementation of Containers for Change Refund Scheme including promoting this scheme with our clients. We also seek out opportunities to contribute to upcycling and recycling programs such as The Breadtag Project. This a campaign raising awareness for the ubiquity and overconsumption of single-use plastics while turning waste into art.

We also support good causes. From our local catchment group to environmental education, we seek out and support causes for positive change.

For more information on how we lead by example, read our News Posts.

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