Case Study: Abrasive Blasting for Infrastructure Maintenance

June 08, 2016

Applied Eco Solutions has been providing site based environmental support during maintenance of transmission towers.

Maintenance of the steel towers requires abrasive blasting to remove rust then repainting. This refurbishment will extend the life of the towers by 20 years or more.

Abrasive Blasting – Notifiable Activity

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld), abrasive blasting is a notifiable activity. Notifiable activities are those operations that cause or are likely to cause contamination.

Land owners are required under this Act to inform the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection of any known notifiable activity on their property.

Environmental Management

The focus of this project is preventing the release of materials to the environment and surrounding properties. This includes the development of Site Based Management Plans, environmental monitoring and implementation of environmental controls.

Given that this project is located in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, there has been a strong focus on minimising any impact on the surrounding residents, businesses and other infrastructure sources.

This has been a very interesting project which has included communication with many stakeholders. This has included understanding the expectations of the client, building a strong operational relationship with the subcontractor and liaising with residents and other community members.