ecoBiz Award

ecoBiz 3-star Partnership Award

Nicolaas Kerkmeester September 15, 2021

Applied Environment & Safety are proud to be awarded 3-Star Partnership with the CCIQ ecoBiz program again this year. We have been active participants in the ecoBiz program and a recognised Star Partner for over five years. Through this program, we have been implementing sustainable business practices based on reducing energy and water use, and waste minimisation. 

CCIQ ecoBiz is a free program, funded by the Queensland Government, that helps businesses save money by reducing energy, water and waste. ecoBiz has been a very successful program working with thousands of Queensland businesses.

Given that our business operates predominantly either from our home office or client locations, our ecoBiz assessment was completed on a qualitative assessment of energy, water and waste savings. 

Our achievements for 2020-21 in regards to energy, water and waste are:


  • Solar panels installed on home office in December 2020
  • Commenced Carbon Neutral certification process through Climate Active in September 2020
  • Offset 35 tonnes of carbon, more than double our 2020 carbon emissions in June 2021
  • Certified as Carbon Neutral in July 2021


  • Ongoing member of local catchment group
  • Implemented rehabilitation of council verge bushland at home office including removal of weeds, replanting native plants and mulching as waterwise garden


  • Ongoing implementation of the Containers for Change Refund Scheme, through our business and our clients with more than 4,000 cans/bottles have been donated so far
  • Keep Cups and other reusable containers utilised by employees whilst travelling
  • Implemented office clean-up including recycling or donation of disused electronic equipment

As a result of Applied Environment & Safety energy initiatives, we have been awarded a 3-Star ecoBiz partnership for energy, water and waste. Our assessment was based on our business practices and behaviours which demonstrate implementation of business sustainability, and minimisation of our environmental footprint. 

Our sustainable business initiatives for 2021-2022 are:


  • Continue our Carbon Neutral certification 
  • Focus business development on Queensland work to reduce travel and carbon emissions. Aim to increase local work by 10%


  • Set-up water wise vegetable and herb garden at home office including use of drip irrigation and mulching
  • Participate in catchment group activities such as clean-up day


  • Ongoing implementation of Containers for Change Refund Scheme
  • Identify options for reducing paper waste such as use of tablets or phone apps rather than paper documents
  • Implement further office waste separation and disposal such as batteries and printer cartridges

We will keep you updated on the progress of these initiatives. Tracking of our carbon offsets, container recycling and donations are reported on our website News feed.