Ecological Assessment Reports for Noosa Council

Ecological Assessment Reports for Noosa Council

Nicolaas Kerkmeester July 13, 2022

Applied Environment & Safety has been assisting local clients with ecological assessments for their proposed developments against the Noosa Plan 2020: Biodiversity, Waterways and Wetlands Overlay Code.

What is included in an ecological assessment?

In summary, assessment of the proposed development against Biodiversity Significance requirements under the Noosa Plan including:

– Biodiversity values which also includes Matters of State Environmental Significance (MSES) and Wildlife Habitat (endangered or vulnerable)

– Koala Habitat assessment against Koala Priority Areas and Core Koala Habitat Area.

As well as wetlands and waterways assessment in relation to riparian areas.

We assist our clients through the ecological assessment process in 6 steps:

1. Undertake an onsite inspection of the proposed development and discussions about the works including clearing methodology.

2. Inspection of disturbance area including vegetation to be cleared.

3. Development of Ecological Assessment Report with details from supporting reports such as Arborist Report.

4. Development of management measures and offsets to minimise and mitigate the impacts from the proposed development.

5. Submission to Noosa Council.

6. Follow up with Council on the lodgement of the Ecological Assessment Report and provide responses to any questions including updating the Plan as required.

For this type of development application, planning and design considerations are first developed to minimise potential environmental impacts. This may include minimising the disturbance area, avoiding areas with high biodiversity values, use of existing cleared areas, and locating new infrastructure near existing infrastructure. 

Then management measures are implemented to minimise impacts during vegetation clearing. This may include clearly delineating vegetation to be removed and those not to be impacted onsite; pre-clearing inspections; and engaging a qualified arborist to carry out clearing works.

Applied Environment & Safety has diverse experience in construction works and environmental impact assessment. This allows us to identify potential impacts and develop practical mitigation and management measures.

Local Client Testimonial

Jeff Sly

I highly recommend, Applied Environment & Safety, The service I received, was above and beyond, what I expected when I requested their expertise in this field. Melanie, and her team, provided a comprehensive Environmental report for the approval process to progress, we had numerous issues to satisfy council requirements. Melanie worked through the issues meticulously, until approval was granted.

Does your project need an ecological assessment? Contact our team – we would be happy to help!