Implementing Sustainability

Melanie Dixon October 02, 2020

Applied Environment & Safety are implementing sustainability into our business through the CCIQ ecoBiz program. We have been awarded three star ecoBiz partnership through our energy, water and waste initiatives.

CCIQ ecoBiz is a free program, funded by the Queensland Government, that helps businesses save money through reducing energy, water and waste. ecoBiz has been very successful, and worked with thousands of Queensland businesses. 

Applied Environment and Safety has been an active participant in the ecoBiz program and a recognised Star Partner for several years. Given that our business operates either from our home office or client locations, the ecoBiz assessment this year was completed on merits of best practice rather than a quantitative analysis of business resource intensity. 

The assessment was based on initiatives and behaviours which demonstrate implementation of business sustainability practices, and minimisation of environmental footprint. Our sustainable business initiatives for 2020-21 for energy, water and waste are listed below.


Aim: Progression towards carbon neutrality

  • Carbon offsets to be purchased for employee flights taken through the 2019-20 financial year
  • Track and record vehicle travel
  • Switch to carbon neutral electricity including explore costs for installation of solar panels on home office


Aim: Protecting local waterways

  • Opportunities to donate (time or money) to a local catchment group
  • Ongoing rehabilitation of council verge bushland at home office including removal of weeds, replanting native plants and mulching as waterwise garden


Aim: Shift towards zero-waste

  • Implement office clean-up including recycling or donation of disused electronic equipment
  • Ongoing implementation of Containers for Change Refund Scheme including when working with our clients
  • Opportunities to contribute to upcycling and recycling programs such as The Breadtag Project. This is a campaign raising awareness for the ubiquity and overconsumption of single-use plastics

We will keep you updated on the progress of these initiatives. Tracking of our carbon offsets, container recycling and donations are reported on our website:

For more information on ecoBiz: