Noosa BioSphere Awards

Noosa Biosphere Award Nominee

Nicolaas Kerkmeester October 14, 2021

Applied Environment & Safety have been nominated for the Noosa Biosphere Awards 2021. We believe in leading by example and promoting environmental sustainability. This is demonstrated through our commitment within our business as well as seeking continuous improvement for our clients.

Applied Environment & Safety are based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Noosa is recognised globally for its outstanding biodiversity values and rich cultural history. 

About the Noose Biosphere Awards

The Noosa Biosphere Awards celebrates the individuals, businesses and organisations implementing local solutions to the global challenges of sustainable development and addressing climate change. The Awards recognise people who are making a difference in the community and are championing environmental and sustainability excellence.

In 2007, the Noosa Shire was awarded Biosphere Reserve status under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme in recognition of the ongoing efforts of the community to manage Noosa’s land, waters and wildlife sustainably while maintaining a balance between people and nature. The Noosa Biosphere is one of only four recognised UNESCO biosphere reserves in Australia and is part of a network of more than 700 sites worldwide.

This year the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation launched the first Noosa Biosphere Awards. The Noosa Biosphere Awards aim to celebrate local projects, products and services that align with the UNESCO Programme objectives and aim to broadly address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our nomination for the awards are linked to our company values and business goals which are to promote environmental sustainability both within our company and for our clients.

Our Company Values

Our company values are making a difference through profit, people and place.

Profit: Sustainable company that adds value to our clients leading to positive environmental and safety cultures

People: Provide opportunities both within our company and to our wider community

Place: Respect the environment and community of the locations of our projects and our business practices

Our Business Goals

We have set business goals to align with our company values as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals in particular: 

– Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth

– Responsible consumption and production

– Climate action  

Our business goals are detailed below.

Build a Local Client Base

Following our carbon emissions reduction goal, we are focussing on building our local client base. Over the past five years, we have built a successful small business based on environmental consulting for large construction projects across Australia. Although this has been successful for us, we want to sustainably grow our business and provide more benefits to our local region, therefore we are focused on building on local opportunities. 

Create Opportunities 

Through building a local client base, we are seeking to provide opportunities for local, sustainable employment and collaborations. In particular, we are focused on employment diversity to suit different work-life circumstances, such as university students completing studies and return to work parents. We currently employ part-time and casual workers to ensure inclusive opportunities for local employment.

Lead by Example  

Although we are a small company, we believe that by leading by example and promoting environmental sustainability we are not only ensuring the long-term viability of our business, we are also setting an example for sustainable economic growth for other small businesses in our region and broader. 

We will continue on our journey and seek new opportunities for using environmental science to safeguard natural ecosystems through the projects we support for our clients. As well as promoting innovative approaches to economic development through our business practices to enhance the relationship between our people and our environment for our biosphere and wider.

Want to learn more about who we are and our core companies values, click here.

Noose Biosphere awards winners will be announced Tuesday, 2 November at the Noosa Biosphere Gala.