Rehabilitation following Abrasive Blasting

July 16, 2017

Applied & Safety provided environmental and landowner support for tower refurbishment works within the southern suburbs of Brisbane.

The towers were located adjacent to houses, swimming pools and rainwater tanks. As well as running parallel to Bulimba Creek for sections of the line.

The project ran for approximately six months with the towers were blasted and painted to extend their life. This process provides a significant saving in materials compared to replacing the towers and less disturbance for the surrounding property owners.

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and control measures were implemented to capture the abrasive blasting material and zinc based paint. This included the use of geofabric to capture blast materials and paint drips during tower operations. Monitoring of wind conditions and fallout was undertaken throughout the operations and additional controls were implemented as required.


Now approximately six months after the completion of the project, the tower sites were revisited to determine the success of vegetation regeneration under the towers. Native grasses and shrubs as well as gardens and lawns regenerated well following removal of the geofabric.

This is due to the geofabric allowing some light and water to penetrate. Also, disturbance of the vegetation prior to laying the geofabric was minimal. It was limited to brush cutting grasses and small shrubs to approximately 10cm above ground level. This ensured the rapid regeneration of the vegetation following completion of the works.

This demonstrates that geofabric can be successfully used to capture materials from blasting and painting with minimal impact on vegetation.

Our client and landowners can be assured that the tower operations can be completed with minimal environmental impact.

The same techniques have been implemented by Applied & Safety for a tower refurbishment project in Wollongong, NSW. For this project, the tower easement runs through National Parks, WaterNSW catchment and farm paddocks.

Further Information

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