We are an ecoBizness

April 22, 2016

Applied Eco Solutions is officially an ecoBizness! We are a proud participant in the CCIQ ecoBiz program.

“CCIQ ecoBiz is a fully-subsidised program that helps businesses save thousands of dollars across their power, water and waste bills. Through ecoBiz, businesses put sustainable ideas into practice.”

Through this program, I have participated in many webinars and have learnt about energy saving methods, waste management, undertaking site assessments and engaging staff in the sustainability process. I have also been on a tour of the Brisbane Convention Centre and learnt about the money saving measures that they have implemented.

This program provides businesses with assistance on reducing their energy, water and waste use – saving your business money – through benchmarking and other tools. And the best bit is that it is FREE!

I would encourage all Queensland businesses to use this service and get free advice from experts and tools for implementing cost savings.

You can find further information here: www.cciqecobiz.com.au