Our Vision

At Applied Environment & Safety, our vision is to improve the environmental and safety performance of our clients through practical solutions. We achieve this by:

  • Providing fit-for-purpose support
  • Promoting conscientious business decisions
  • Being innovative and challenging the status quo

We believe every small change is part of the larger difference.

Leading by Example

We lead by example. This means implementing environmentally sustainable practices into our business.


Applied Environment & Safety has been participating in the Queensland Government CCIQ ecoBiz program for five years. This year we were awarded a two star efficiency in energy and water. This is based on a 10% reduction in energy and water use for our operations.

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Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand

We are members of the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and participate in workshops and conferences.

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Doing More

We are dedicated to doing more. This means seeking opportunities to continuously improve and support to good causes. We also encourage our clients to do more.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Applied Environment & Safety has been calculating and offsetting carbon emissions from our flights and energy use. Our long term goal is to become a carbon neutral business.

Container Recycling

We have been collecting containers for recycling and raising money for charity. We encourage our clients to implement container recycling programs into their operations.

Supporting Good Causes

We are passionate about supporting local, sustainable causes. Applied Environment & Safety has supported the following causes:

  • Baron Catchment Care
  • UQ Future Scientist Scholarship
  • Fauna Rescue Whitsundays

Find out more about the causes that we support in our Blog Posts.


tonnes of CO2 offset


containers recycled through recycling scheme


donated to charities

Our Story

Melanie has always enjoyed the outdoors. Loved time spent on her parent’s farm, walks along the beach and camping in the bush. This passion for the natural world would lead her to studying environmental management at university.

Working in various roles across different industries, Melanie realised that her area of most interest was operational environmental management. And so Applied Environment & Safety was started. A company to provide practical environmental solutions to operations.

Today, many years on, our team and skillset continue to grow along with the opportunity to provide support to more projects. Recently our passion has grown into occupational health and safety. Supporting people for a safe and healthy workplace.

AES Environmental Consultants walking over bridge with laptop

Our People

Profile photo of Melanie wearing AES shirt

Melanie Dixon

Director and Principal Consultant

Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development) with Honours
Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety (Distinction)

Melanie has worked across a variety of industries in operational environmental and safety management roles. She has a proven track record of delivering onsite support as well as adding value to projects through risk identification and management. She utilises her strong leadership and communication skills for the successful delivery of projects while ensuring sustainable outcomes.

In her current role as Principal Consultant at Applied Environment & Safety, Melanie has developed management plans and supporting documentation in line with approval conditions and client requirements. Melanie has represented and supported the client in the delivery of environmental, heritage and landowner requirements.

Profile photo of Trent wearing AES shirt

Trent Stanton

Environmental Consultant

Bachelor of Sustainable Environments and Planning (High Distinction)

Trent is an emerging environmental management and planning professional with experience in both the public and private sectors. Trent has worked in development assessment for the Queensland Government with a primary focus on environmental assessment for major projects. Trent recently rejoined Applied Environment & Safety as an Environmental Consultant.

In his current role, Trent has provided onsite environmental and landowner support for infrastructure projects. Trent promotes a practical, outcome focused approach to project delivery, while ensuring positive environmental outcomes.

Profile photo of Candice wearing AES shirt

Candice Caruso

Environmental Consultant

Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Biology and Environmental Science)
Dual Masters of Project Management/Sustainable Environments and Planning

Candice is a recent professional contributor to the environmental management field. As a student and tutor, she has been involved in a number of ecological field surveys in Queensland and Nepal. When joining Applied Environment & Safety, Candice was able to continue developing her experience in fauna surveys and management.

In her current role, Candice has provided onsite environmental monitoring support for infrastructure projects. Candice applies her knowledge of environmental requirements to ensure beneficial outcomes and project success.

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